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218 Tuckerton Road
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Why Choose Our Showroom?

We all know how great it is to sit in front of our computers and surf the web while shopping in our PJs. It's comfortable and familiar, much like the showroom at Medford Lighting and Repair! Why not come out to shop for your lighting fixtures, mirror, or chandeliers, where you can see our products firsthand? Our specialists are trained in the how and why of lighting. We can answer any questions you may have, such as, “How many hallway fixtures do I need?” to “Do I need one flush mount fixture or three?” These kinds of questions are something that online retailers cannot help you with!

When we order a fixture for you, you can rest assured that we have opened the box, checked to make sure all the merchandise is there, and that every piece is in prime condition, all before you come to pick it up at our showroom. We guarantee you no hassle of having to return a broken item or trying to get in touch with someone to send pieces that were not in original box!


In most instances, Medford Lighting and Repair will allow you to take that lamp, chandelier, or vanity fixture home to look at it in your space.

If you wish to keep it at that time, it is as easy as completing your purchase over the phone.

Not sure what you need? Maybe you have an odd space and you aren't sure what will work in that particular spot. Medford Lighting and Repair will send a specialist to your home to look at the space and make recommendations based on our extensive expertise in lighting and lighting fixtures. Again, this is another service that internet retailers cannot provide.

We at Medford Lighting and Repair always go the extra mile for our customers. We listen to YOUR needs and work tirelessly so that you are satisfied with your choice and product.

Your home is your haven, and your lighting is a major part of making that space warm and inviting. Let us be part of making your house a home!